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Answers to your frequently (and infrequently) asked questions.

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    The Process

  1. I think I need a lawyer. How do I start the process?
  2. What are your rates? How do you manage billing and payments?
  3. How should I prepare for my severance package review?
  4. What will the initial consultation look like?
  5. Employment Law 101

  6. What is notice of termination?
  7. What is termination for cause?
  8. What is pay in lieu of notice or severance?
  9. What is a termination clause?
  10. What is a constructive dismissal?
  11. What is a wrongful dismissal?
  12. Employee Concerns

  13. My severance offer has a deadline. What if I need more time?
  14. What can I do if I don’t want to accept the offer?
  15. Can I be dismissed even if I did nothing wrong?
  16. How much severance pay am I entitled to?
  17. I am a contractor. Can I be dismissed without notice?
  18. Can my company force me to resign?
  19. I resigned but now I regret it. Can I get my job back?
  20. Can a non-comp stop me from working if my employment ends?
  21. Employer Concerns

  22. Are employees always entitled to a severance payment when their jobs are terminated?
  23. Does my company have to have written employment policies?
  24. Is it safer to use fixed term employees?
  25. How can employment agreements protect my business?