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Website Terms of Use

  1. Introduction

    Your use of this website is subject to the following terms, which include disclaimers and waivers of liability.

  2. Disclaimer

    Despite being a lawyer, I am also a human. Importantly, I am fallible. I make no guarantees, warranties or other commitments as to the accuracy of any information found in this website. The content in this site is not legal advice or opinion and should not be relied on as such advice or opinion. Even assuming the information found here was ever correct, time changes all things and the law is no exception. The legal information found here may become outdated or obsolete due to changes in jurisprudence or legislation, including changes that may happen while I am not looking or otherwise noticing the same.

    I disclaim all liability, of any kind whatsoever, that arises from any person relying on the information found in this website or making any use of this site whatsoever. All aspects of your use of this website are at your own risk. This disclaimer of all liability is maximally extensive. If the enforceability of this limitation of liability is ever considered and is determined by a court to be unenforceable, then I disclaim all liability for your use of this site to the fullest extent permitted by law.

  3. Your waiver

    By access this site, you waive all rights to seek compensation or bring claims against me for anything related to the content of this website or your use of this site. If the enforceability of this waiver of rights is ever considered and is determined by a court to be unenforceable, then your waiver will have the fullest extent permissible by law.

  4. No lawyer-client relationship

    Your use of this site will not create a lawyer-client relationship. That includes (without limitation) your review of information in this site or your use of the site to communicate with me.

  5. Communications through the website

    You should not presume that any communication you make to me through this website will be confidential. Consider, for example, I may have already been retained by another person who has an interest in your legal matter.

    When communicating with me through this site, please do not divulge details of a potential legal issue or other confidential information. Again, for all we know I may already be retained as opposing counsel. If you want to determine whether I can assist you, you are welcome to contact me. You can suggest the general area of law and confirm who the related parties to your issue are. I will then be able to determine if a conflict of interest exists, before moving any communications forward.

    If you send me a message through this site, I will try to respond in a timely way but don’t count on it. Reasons for my late response or non-response could include:

    1. tech problems;
    2. junk filter issues;
    3. human error;
    4. vacation;
    5. skiing;
    6. sleeping in; and
    7. transient or non-transient laziness.

    If you need a lawyer, and especially if you have a time sensitive issue, don’t count on me getting back to you soon or at all, and don’t rely on me to do so (relatedly, recall the disclaimer and waiver above).

    Also, please be nice. As mentioned: though I am a lawyer, I am also a human.

  6. Ownership of intellectual property and limited license

    I retain all rights to the intellectual property contained in this website. You (or anyone else under the sun, certain secret enemies excepted) are permitted to reproduce the content of this site for personal and non-commercial use. (For example, you are welcome to post a link to one of my articles on your LinkedIn account.) This license does not extend to such things as reproducing the content and passing it off as your own or someone else’s.

  7. Privacy policy

    See the privacy policy.

  8. Links from this website

    This site contains links to third party websites for your convenience. That doesn’t mean I monitor those links (I generally won’t) or endorse them (I don’t). The old saw, that no good deed goes unpunished, shall find its limits at the within disclaimer and waiver of liability.

  9. Arbitration

    Any dispute that is connected to your use of this website will be resolved by private arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration Act (Alberta) in effect at the relevant time, or any successor legislation. You waive any rights (to the fullest extent permissible by law) to refer a dispute to any other adjudicative forum.

    I do not waive any right to pursue any claim I may have in connection with this website, including the information and intellectual property it contains, in any manner and through any forum.

  10. Choice of law

    Any dispute that arises in connection with your use of this website will be resolved under the law of Alberta, Canada.

  11. Changes to these Website Terms of Use

    I reserve the right to amend, supplement or replace these Website Terms of Use at any time.