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Q: What will the initial consultation look like?


In an initial employment law consultation, I would:

  1. get the relevant facts from you, and then
  2. give you my opinions on your situation and options.

Getting the facts: I will have various questions for you as I gather the information I need to spot issues and assess your position. We’ll review your documents and you can tell me anything you think I should know.

Giving advice: we will talk about the legal terrain and options you may have, and some of the associated risks and potential rewards. (For more on this in the context of a severance review, see ‘what can I do if I don’t want to accept?’)

The whole thing generally takes about an hour, but it can take a bit longer, particularly if your situation is complicated.

Important Note: In an initial consultation, I can only provide a preliminary assessment of your legal rights based on the conversation we have at the time. Sometimes that is all clients needs, and sometimes clients decide they need further assistance and representation.

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