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Q: What are your rates? How do you manage billing and payments?


  1. Rates
  2. Estimates
  3. Payments


I typically provide a flat rate for the first consultation and then bill per hour after that.

  1. Initial consultation: For initial consultations in employment law matters, I charge a flat rate of $250 (exclusive of tax). That includes any pre-meeting document review and an hour-long consultation (give or take). There are no hidden fees or “file opening fees.”

  2. Subsequent work: My default after the initial consultation is to bill hourly at $250/hour.

In limited circumstances I can offer alternative billing arrangements, such as contingency rates or flat rates, at my sole discretion.

Note: Rates are subject to change over time.


Once I am adequately acquainted with your situation, I can give general estimates about the costs of future steps. But in litigation matters I will not be able to give firm quotes. Litigation costs depend on various factors, including how you and the opposing parties approach the dispute, and the complexity and number of interim steps required to get to a trial or negotiated resolution.

However, I will always try to be efficient and make good use of the time I spend on your file. And you will always be welcome to ask any questions you want about my invoices or strategies to control litigation expense.


I accept e-transfers, cheques, and most major credit cards (to be processed over the phone).

Fisrt I would send you an invoice by email, and then you can pay by your preferred method.

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